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Utopian Research
Independent Experimental Laboratories

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Heaven Backstory
Angel Cartel and Serpentis corps
Hedonistic Imperative


Utopian Research I.E.L. [URIEL] is a Angel Cartel and Serpentis allied corp, based primarily out of the Curse and Derelik regions. Our prime goals are:

  • Have as much fun as possible in Eve :)
  • Run missions for Angel Cartel and Serpentis corporations and their allies (eg. Thukkers)
  • Make isk in as many ways as possible, trading, ratting, building, exploration etc
  • RELAX ...
  • RP a bit - tho not obligatory
  • Have more fun :D

  •  Our headquarters is (not surprisingly) Utopia in the Heaven constellation of Curse, but we are also based out of other locations in Curse and Derelik. We operate a combination of NBSI/NRDS/RLAG (run like a girl) policies dependant on location and opportunity and are not averse to a little 'non-consensual PvP' when it looks profitable ... we are a criminal organisation after all. Essentially, aside from not shooting friends - anything goes.
     We are a member of Hedonistic Imperative [RELAX] alliance and are also involved in allied corps' shifty 'endeavours', whatever they may be ...
     URIEL is currently recruiting pilots interested in a life 'on the edge and between the cracks', existing in an often hostile environment and not afraid to find themselves in a pod on a frequent, but hopefully ever-decreasing basis. As mentioned, Fun and Isk are our priorities and both of these are easily found when yr main pastime is running pirate missions in 0.0 and lo-sec :)

     'UTOPIAN' is our ingame public channel where all are welcome to come say 'Hi' or find out more about the corp. Feel free to drop in for a visit ... and/or evemail me (Babel) for futher information.

     Happy Trails, Babel [CEO]